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About us

About Us

QBS Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a payment solution provider founded by a team of highly experienced, entrepreneurial professionals with comprehensive and exhaustive experience in payment and merchant centric industry. Through our end-to-end solution merchants can transform their Smart phone/Tablet/PC to a card payment acceptance device. This solution seamlessly connects to a chip and pin EMVCo certified PED to process payment transactions and also helps in-store management, active customer engagement and rewards and sales tracking. QBS has a PAN India presence - Hyderabad (head office), Mumbai (Branch Office), Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi and Kolkata.


EMV Level1 compliance to support EMV chip reading Certified EMV Level2 Kernel PCI, MasterCard mPOS Self Certification, Certified & tested by QSA QBS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to present your company with this proposal. We understand that your company recognizes the unique opportunity to extend electronic payment mode to its customers. We believe that mPOS market is in its growth stage and that we are uniquely positioned to successfully enable card transactions via QBS's mPOS solution for several merchants. Having duly examined your requirements, we are confident that our proposal will effectively address consideration of your business needs. Our goal is to comrade with you to enable mPOS for your customers and to complete this in a year. By implementing our solution, your company will be able to: Add on a new range of products tocomplement your existing line of business and offer a complete solution to your clients Create additional revenue channel thereby booking higher income Deliver excellent services that will retain your clients and add new clients Have enormous co-branding opportunity

Identification Of Requirements

QBS understands requirements to be as such: General Requirements QBS will be glad to make you partner on pledge of 240 devices per annum. Additional Requirements QBS believes in complying with the norms of RBI & financial institution & has requisites for successfully Partner & Merchant on boarding: Documents as per KYC along with partner agreement has to be submitted to QBS KYC Documents of each merchant (your customer) as prescribed which may change from time to time by regulatory authorities, has to be submitted for enabling live

Proposed Solution – Mobile Point Of Sale (MPOS)

An mPOS is a smart phone, tablet or any other dedicated mobile device that has the ability to document customer transactions without the need for a traditional checkout register or other POS terminal. Any smart phone or a tablet can be transformed into an mPOS with a downloadable mobile app and can operate as a stand-alone device simply linked to merchant's bank account.